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2010 SU vs Alabama St 5th Quarter

Well lets take a look at this battle...& be sure to share it on facebook, twitter, etc!

Watch Video after jump!!

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Stand Footage From 2009 SU vs ULL Game // Sept 5, 2009

Check out the Stand Footage from the 2009 SU vs ULL game!

video after the jump!

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SU vs University of Louisiana at Lafayette 2009 Halftime Show

We normally don’t like to post field shows during the season, but after seeing the jukebox this past Saturday I felt compelled to post this show. Also I want to bring up one more thing. As an alumnist of Southern U. and 4 year member of the band we were constantly told to strive for the best.

This site is the best, delivering high quality footage in High Definition and the clarity that this band deserves. Now get your popcorn, sit down in front of your computer screen, and Enjoy the Show!!!!!!!!

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2009 SU vs JSU Zero Quarter Battle

We these two Bands meet up..ITS WAR TIME

Check out all the pregame action after the jump!!

Note to always come to this game early & leave late!

watch the action after the jump

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2010 SU Halftime @ JSU game

We present the 2010 BOOMBOX ( as the call it) Classic!

Was it an epic battle?  Did the Jukebox once again run a click on the Sonic Boom from the South?

see video &  tell us what you think after the jump! 

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